Upcoming Workshops

Ever wanted to know how to make a dish that you had at my table or have seen on my blog? You’re in luck! I will now be regularly holding cooking workshops in my home. Each workshop is uniquely designed to give you a comfortable environment to master the techniques required to make each dish. Small class sizes allow for hands-on instruction and personalized attention. You will walk away from each workshop with the delicious food item you’ve just prepared and the confidence to replicate this in your own home.

Reserve your spot today! See the schedule below, or request a private workshop via email at chopsticksorafork@gmail.com.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops”

  1. This was so much fun! I love to cook but I find anything involving dough or deep frying very intimidating. Saychay made it easy. Her demonstrations and instructions were clear and easy to follow. And she was great answering all my questions. The best part was getting to take home the extra food. I sliced up my spring rolls and put them over greens. Then I used the dipping sauce as a dressing, though I was tempted to eat the sauce straight from the container with a spoon. So good!

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