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Spring is in the air, my fellow food enthusiasts! Although the air is still crisp on some days, the warmth of Spring beckons. Let’s get together for another fun and delicious dinner!

APRIL 13, 2013 MENU

ABOUT THE MEAL With this next dinner so close to tax day, I thought it would be apropos to call this next dinner – Sticky Fingers. 😉 However, the main course of fish laab is an authentic Laotian and Thai dish which requires eating with your hands. So what does that mean? It means you will literally have sticky fingers at the end of the meal!

cilantro and mintLaab (or larb) can be made with beef, chicken, or seafood. It is most commonly found in Thai restaurants as a cooked beef dish. In a traditional setting, this dish would be served raw when it’s made from beef or seafood. And recently, Uno’s Larb Gai “Lucky Chicken” won her a spot on The Taste! Her recipe gives you a good understanding of the seasonings used for this dish. My fish version will be cooked since I don’t want anyone to be concerned about food poisoning. But, it will still have fresh herbs intermingled with smoky rice powder and the tangy zip of lime juice that will leave your taste buds begging for more of this pescetarian flavor explosion.

watercressBefore we get to the main course though, we’ll start off with a salad. I’ve always been a firm believer of having a well-balanced meal, so fruit and vegetables will definitely be a part of this meal. We’ll start the dinner off with my mango and watercress salad. This salad is light and fruity. The fresh sweet and sour combination will tease your taste buds into readiness for the main course.

purple-sticky-riceIn addition to the main course, there will be two sides served – purple sticky rice and bok choy slaw. How can you have a sticky fingers dinner without sticky rice, right? Actually, sticky rice with any fish dish that doesn’t have a soup base is one of my favorite meals. So don’t be surprised if you continue to see this combination in future meals. The bok choy slaw is a fusion dish with flavors that I felt would complement the fish laab. The dressing made from rice vinegar, mustard, and other ingredients will help cut the spiciness from the fish laab for those who have a lower spice tolerance. Don’t worry too much about the spiciness of the fish laab though. I plan to make one version without pepper so everyone will be able to enjoy the dish.

lychee martiniLastly, dessert will be a surprise. But, I promise not to disappoint! I’m leaning toward something with lychees. You’ll have to come to the dinner to see what sweet sensation I’ve concocted this time around!

Remember, this dinner is BYOB. You are encouraged to bring your own alcoholic beverage. Filtered tap water and an assortment of hot tea will be available.

To make your reservation, go to http://chopsticksorafork.brownpapertickets.com. Should you have questions about the meal, please send an email to chopsticksorafork@gmail.com. I look forward to having your sticky fingers at my table! Happy dining!