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New York: Dylan’s Candy Bar, Manhattan Upper East Side – Child or adult, who wouldn’t be happy to walk into a rainbow of candy?

New York: Cha Cha’s of Coney Island, Brooklyn – Even the condensation from my water glass knew this wasn’t a good idea – mediocre junk food and terribly poor service. Do you see the frownie face? That’s how we felt about this entire experience.

California: Avila’s El Ranchito (? not sure if I have the location right on this one), Laguna Beach – It was Cinco de Mayo 2012 so we stopped in at one of the local spots for some Mexican eats. I was starving and felt I could eat an enormous amount of food. But, when my burrito was delivered, I realized, I never even stood a chance. This burrito won the war on hunger before I could even throw out a challenge. It was quite literally two times the size of my head!

Your local grocery: McCain Food Service – I cannot lie. I ❤ these as much as my daughter does. According to McCain, they’re even good for us – zero grams of trans fats and low in saturated fat! In all seriousness though, we only eat these a few times per year. But when we do, we can’t get enough!

Minnesota: My backyard container garden, Minneapolis – I had started eating brussel sprouts and thought it would be cool to grow some. They were coming along quite nicely – all lush and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to eat them! Apparently, the rabbits had the same thought. They beat me to it. Grrrr!

Minnesota: Cut out biscuits from my kitchen, Minneapolis – There’s always one broken heart in the bunch hoping to wish upon a star.

Arizona: Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar, Scottsdale (now closed) – One of the best dessert samplers I’ve seen yet. It was a beautiful presentation and you didn’t feel guilty eating it because each piece was so tiny!

Please stop here if you are easily visually offended.

Minnesota: Babalu, Minneapolis (now closed) – Once one of the hip happening spots especially for live music and salsa dancing, Babalu closed down a few years ago. From a food perspective, this is not entirely shocking to me since the chef thought that this presentation was appropriate. Now granted, I was there for a bachelorette party so my group found this to be hilarious. But, I’m highly doubtful anyone in my party alerted the staff of this fact. Can you imagine if you were on a date and accidentally ordered this dish – male or female? In case you’re dying to know what this is, it was some fish dish. Admit it. You laughed. I know this because I still can’t look at this picture without laughing!