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Well…not really. But, it was my first dinner party at my home here in Brooklyn. And, what a dinner it was! First off, thank you to all of my foodie friends who were able to join me. We had a full table and I loved it! However, that means that I need to rearrange my space. So sometime before the next dinner, I will be moving the dividing wall between the living and dining rooms to open up the social space. It was a little tight for the number of people who were over. But, we made it work! And dare I say, I even think everyone enjoyed the coziness even though most of my foodie friends had just met each other that night. For when it came time to enjoy the meal, my dinner guests didn’t want to be split up into two tables. What a great infusion of interesting people!

The meal itself was interesting to put together. Having only been in my apartment for about 1.5 months, there are still a lot of dishes that I haven’t cooked here yet. These dishes definitely fall within this list. Most people assume that all Asian cooking is the same. Or, at least that you use the same type of ingredients. So with access to Chinatown and Flushing, you’d think that I would have everything I need to make this meal at my fingertips, right? Wrong! SouthEast Asian cooking uses different pastes and sauces and other ingredients than what is used for Chinese cooking. It took quite a bit of effort to locate all the different shops that “might” have the ingredients I needed. Then, it was an entirely different experience all together trying to get to all of the shops and get back home using public transportation. I know, public transportation is the way of life here. But, I’m from the Midwest where you drive everywhere and don’t have to take into account having to lug around all of your purchases by hand.

There were definitely a few lessons learned from that experience as well. Before I plan the next menu, I will definitely be making sure I know where I can purchase all of the ingredients. And, of course, I will never assume again that the trains will run on time when you need them to run on time the most. Ha ha. Overall though, it was a fantastic evening spent with foodie friends who appreciated my savory concoctions. Everyone left well-fed and satisfied. Dinner with Foodie Friends #1 was a success!

Hope you’ll join me for the next Dinner with Foodie Friends. The theme will be: Let’s Roll! Watch for the exact date in the next few weeks.