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Last week, after a long day of fun exploration at the World Maker Faire in Queens, NY, our hungry tummies led us to this Peruvian restaurant off of the 7 train. El Callao is tucked in a small strip mall and you probably wouldn’t notice it unless you were on foot or looking for it specifically.

When I don’t have a restaurant that was pre-picked out, I have this tendency to be drawn to dive-y looking places where the people working at the restaurant speak a language that goes along with the type of food that they’re serving. And when there are pictures the menu, that’s a huge bonus!

corn nutsWithin a minute of being seated, home-made salted corn nuts were placed in front of us. So, I’d say the service was very fast. Our server came by several times to take our order, but I kept stalling because there were so many delicious-looking options! When he took our order, he let us know up front that it would take about 15 minutes to prepare our meals. It came just as he promised and we were not disappointed in our selections. When in the area, we will definitely go back!

To be sure I’m setting your expectations correctly though, don’t go to this dining spot looking for a quaint, romantic experience. The restaurant is clean and almost cute. But, the flourescent lights and cafeteria-style tables kill any ambiance that this place might have been aiming for. But, do go to this spot if you’re looking for what appears to be fairly authentic food, in large portion sizes at reasonable prices. Enjoy!