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Let’s be honest. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We ran out of time and now, we’re starving. Or, it was the quickest thing we could find to eat. Regardless of the reason, we threw a pack of instant ramen that we found at the local grocery store priced at five for a dollar into a pot of boiling water and five minutes later we had what we thought was a filling and tasty meal.

Hmmm…but now that we’re older, and hopefully wiser, that same old instant ramen just isn’t the same. If you’re ready to graduate to something better, I would recommend using one of these as a base and adding “stuff” to it to enhance the flavor.

For last night’s quick fix, I used the Sapporo Ichiban original flavor as a base and added dried shredded seaweed, bamboo in chili oil, spicy dried squid, and a few spoonfuls of chili garlic sauce. And there you have it – a tasty and filling pescetarian meal!